Hackney Migrant Centre (HMC) delivers a free, weekly advice and support service for vulnerable migrants on immigration, housing, welfare and access to health. We support visitors to our service to resolve their immigration problems and move out of homelessness and destitution in the long-term, as well as assisting them to address immediate issues. Most of our visitors lack secure immigration status and are destitute as a result of that and the Hostile Environment. 

We welcome all migrants, regardless of immigration status, nationality or current place of residence.

Our purpose

To demonstrate solidarity with migrants in Hackney and beyond, including the most vulnerable and marginalised, by welcoming them as our visitors and helping them to access rights and overcome injustice in the immigration system.

Our strategic aims

  1. To provide a safe space for our visitors to gather and be welcomed and supported by staff, advisers and volunteers from local communities.
  2. To deliver high quality immigration advice, representation, guidance and support for our visitors in order to obtain secure immigration status.
  3. To deliver high quality advice, representation, guidance and wellbeing support to help our visitors secure housing and move out of destitution.
  4. To campaign to secure changes in policy and practice to advance migrants’ rights locally and nationally.
  5. To build partnerships with relevant organisations and use our knowledge to support the broader immigration sector and migrant communities.
  6. To ensure we are an organisation with strong leadership and good governance, within a framework of diversity and inclusion.

“They listen to you, they give you advice, and introduce you to people who are going to help you with your issue. After that they kept referring me to different groups and that was so helpful”

Visitor to Hackney Migrant Centre in 2018