Over the last year, we provided 


Specialist immigration advice consultations


Welfare and housing advice consultations


Health advocacy consultations

We gave over 340 hardship grants of £20 to visitors in crisis

Our volunteers

We helped over 200 people access safe accommodation and support

“The future feels very promising. It is
much more positive now that solicitors
are helping. I have big plans for myself
and want to go back to university. I want
something better for me and my
daughter and hope the application
helps to do this.”

– Visitor to Hackney Migrant Centre

Referrals were made for

We helped


You can help to make a difference to the lives of migrants and refugees by volunteering your time.

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To read more about our impact, read our annual reports:
Annual Report 2018-19 / Annual Report 2017-18 / Annual Report 2016-17