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Solidarity from Hackney Migrant Centre with the Black Lives Matter protests

Posted on 4th June 2020

We are angered by the evidence published this week, showing the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on BAME and migrant communities. This is a stark reminder that racism and inequality are not issues exclusive to the United States.

Here too, black people are much more likely to suffer violence at the hands of police. Here too, life expectancy is for black people is lower and vulnerability during the pandemic much higher.

At Hackney Migrant Centre, we know first-hand about the violence many experience during immigration raids and in detention. The last words of Jimmy Mubenga, who was brutally killed during his deportation to Angola in 2010, were “I can’t breathe”, the same words uttered by George Floyd as he died at the hands of police in the United States.

We cannot afford to pretend that violence against black people, other BAME people and migrants does not happen here too.

Solidarity from Hackney Migrant Centre with black communities resisting racist police violence in the United States, and with those protesting here in the UK.